• Indian Men Fashion, A Symphony of Good and Bad Extremes

    Indian Men Fashion, the Price is too High, the Variety too Less and Life Styles too Poor! In India, men seem less interested in the fashion trends going about. Simple cloths is what most men wear and simply dressed is what most men are. Considering the revival of men’s fashion industry since around a decade ago ...
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    Indian Men’s Fashion Has Come a Long Way,  With Many known Designers Giving it Their Touch, But is it a Trend Setting Element? Men’s fashion clothing in India has come a long way. A society where the fashion industry is perhaps the only industry dominated by women, men kind of felt left out. But with ...
  • Tips for Men to Avoid Fashion Blunder

    Ever had that feeling of never dressing up good but never quite making an impact? If so, there is much that can be done about it. The most important tip, any fashion expert will give you is to know what you want to look like, know your style. Quite often the case is such that ...
  • Kurtas and Sherwani -The Legends in Indian Men's Fashion Legacy

    Men’s fashion clothing in India had become exclusive to certain events and therefore the fashion range, when it came to clothing was very limited. Beyond Kurta and Sherwani paired with either a simple Shalwar or a trouser, there was hardly anything else. During the 50s and the 60s, even later down to the late 80s, ...
  • Summer Fashion for Women

    Beauty is the most imperative thing for ladies and they need to look stylish constantly. In any case, as the season changes consistently, fashion for women additionally change. On the off chance that you are searching for a fashionable summer dress to wear for one year from now, here are probably the most prominent design ...
  • The Clash of Life Style and Fashion, Among Indian Men

    Indian men’s fashion clothing is all about style, statements through clothing. The portrayal of influence and authority. But is the life style of a typical Indian man the same? Pretty much like the economy of India being in the developing stages, Men’s fashion industry in India too is in the developing stages. The options are ...
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    Winter 2015-16 holiday seasons is already in its full swing with beautiful snow and cold winds. Christmas gifts are in high demand. Men can choose from a variety of stuff reflecting men’s fashion trends. Cell phones, neck ties and gloves are top items for gifting your husband, friend or your father this season. Best Cologne ...
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    Women are always admired for their looks, dress styling, beauty and feminism. Every woman inherently also wants to be her best, round the clock. Her desire to look distinct opens so many doors for other women to be inspired and urges them to look good. Still, no matter how a woman dresses and to what extent she looks unique or similar ...
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    For creating a trendy and fashionable look, apparel is not the only thing that matters. The real great effect is added by the fabulous choice of accessories because the overall appearance counts in being fashionable. Rings, footwear, bangles and handbags can boost the whole impression. The style statement can be women style handbags that are ...
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    Everyone is concerned about fashion these days. Fashion and trend changes are associated with seasons and occasions. People prefer following fashion to organize entire look. Women fashion colors changes with the seasons. The colors in fashion will flatter the outfit. Choosing the right colors may sound difficult to women but the women fashion colors that ...